Bold Wall Art Graphics are printed on a special 6mil vinyl.  Some care and patience must be exercised during installation to ensure the best results.

Please stop installation now if your surface has been painted in the last 30 days!

Step 1: Find a Location for your Bold Wall Art.

Bold Wall Art is best placed on smooth surfaces.  Don’t forget to measure to make sure your graphic will fit!

The following INDOOR surfaces work great with Bold Wall Art:

  • Smooth, non-textured painted drywall (flat, matte and gloss finishes)
  • Glass or smooth metal
  • Non-textured wallpaper
  • Smooth, finished wood surfaces such as doors or large wood panels

These surfaces are NOT recommended: Textured wallpaper; Knockdown & heavily Textured drywall  Brick, Unpainted concrete block; Unpainted drywall; Recently painted walls; Outdoor surfaces; Directly applied to vehicles; Any other surface that is rough, textured or uneven.

Step 2: Unroll your Bold Wall Art.

Leave the backing on your graphic, but unroll it and lay it on a flat surface.  Allow 1 hours for it to ‘relax.’

Step 3: Clean the Surface.

Using only a damp cloth, thoroughly clean the surface where you’ll place your graphic and allow plenty of dry time. Do not use soaps or chemical cleaners!

Step 4: Apply your Bold Wall Art.

  1. Peel each individual decal from the backing paper.
    • Start at the mouth or head of the fish and peel towards the tail.
    • Try to keep the decal from sticking to itself. For the largest decals, a second person is recommended.
    • Take your time when peeling; the material is durable but we’ve also trimmed the artwork in fine detail to achieve a NO BORDER ‘painted on’ look.
  2. Place the decal in the desired location on your surface, starting at the top edge and working your way down.
  3.  If repositioning is necessary, please remove gently and reapply. You can remove and reposition your decals for up to a year.
  4. After it is in position, squeegee out bubbles by working from the center of the decal outward. You can use your hands or a soft squeegee to achieve a strong, smooth bond.
  5. Wipe the entire graphic with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dust from the application process.