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Tarpon Wall Decal

$59.95 $50.96

The Atlantic Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) or “Silver King” is a massive sport fish sometimes reaching over 300 pounds that prowls inshore and nearshore waters. Popular not as a tasty meal, but because of it’s accessibility and the huge fight that often features aerial leaps. We’ve captured the essence of this hungry Tarpon mid-strike, in iridescent colors, with its giant mouth ready to swallow up a snack of finger mullet.

Choose Right or Left Facing art with a full size 41″ Tarpon.


Redfish Wall Decal / Red Drum

$21.95 $18.66

Relive that day on the flats with our red drum decal. In the Southeast, the red drum, or redfish, is king of the marsh. Lucky for you, our redfish tail all day and all night!